Roma-Real Madrid, Under-Fazio Fatal Error

Roma can not get up and falls again. This time standing, because the defeat with Real Madrid does not question the knockout stages, indeed. Before the start of the match, Viktoria Plzen's gift brought the Giallorossi directly to the next round, where made Roma will enter from second in the group. Olsen, Kolarov and above all Zaniolo are saved against the Spaniards Club, the best of Di Francesco's entire team. Under, who misses a goal, but also Fazio (his mistake made los blancos advantage) and Nzonzi, who leaves the field immediately goes into the locker room before being called. Patrik Schick once again failed to prove his worth.

Here the list of the match reports of each player :

Olsen 6, Florenzi 6,5, Manolas 5, Fazio 4, Kolarov 6; Nzonzi 4,5 (64′ Coric ng), Cristante 5,5; Under 4, Zaniolo 6,5 (69′ Karsdorp ng), El Shaarawy ng (22′ Kluivert 5); Schick 5, Kluivert 5. All. Di Francesco 5

Olsen 6,5; Florenzi 5,5, Manolas 6, Fazio 4,5, Kolarov 6; Nzonzi 5,5 (64’ Coric 5,5), Cristante 5,5; Cengiz Under 4,5, Zaniolo 6,5 (69’ Karsdorp 5,5), El Shaarawy 6 (22’ Kluivert 5,5), Schick 5. All. Di Francesco 6

Olsen 5,5; Florenzi 5,5, Manolas 5,5, Fazio 4, Kolarov 6; Nzonzi 4,5 (64’ Coric ng), Cristante 5; Cengiz Under 4,5, Zaniolo 6 (69’ Karsdorp ng), El Shaarawy ng (22’ Kluivert 5,5), Schick 5,5. All. Di Francesco 6

Olsen 5,5; Florenzi 6, Manolas 5, Fazio 4, Kolarov 6; Nzonzi 4,5 (64’ Coric 5,5), Cristante 5,5; Cengiz Under 4, Zaniolo 6 (69’ Karsdorp ng), El Shaarawy ng (22’ Kluivert 5,5), Schick 5.

Olsen 6; Florenzi 6, Manolas 5,5, Fazio 4, Kolarov 6; Nzonzi 5 (64’ Coric ng), Cristante 6; Cengiz Under 4, Zaniolo 6,5 (69’ Karsdorp ng), El Shaarawy ng (22’ Kluivert 6), Schick 5. All. Di Francesco 6

Olsen 6; Florenzi 6, Manolas 6, Fazio 4, Kolarov 5.5; Nzonzi 5 (64’ Coric ng), Cristante 5.5; Cengiz Under 4, Zaniolo 6.5 (69’ Karsdorp ng), El Shaarawy 6 (22’ Kluivert 6); Schick 6. All. Di Francesco 5.5.

Olsen 6, Florenzi 6, Manolas 5,5, Fazio 4, Kolarov 6, Cristante 6, Nzonzi 5, (64′ Coric 5,5), Under 5, Zaniolo 6,5 (69′ Karsdorp ng), El Shaarawy ng (22′ Kluivert 6), Schick 4,5. All.: Di Francesco 5,5

Kolarov : "Do not take us easy"

Kolarov: "We didn't play like a Champions League side in the first game in Madrid. We need to remind them that they're the visitors and produce a great performance. We need to start strongly."

Kolarov: "It's always a tough game against Real, regardless of who's available or not. They've won the last three Champions League titles. But I'm sure they'll find it tough to beat us tomorrow."

Ucan Speaks about 2 Years in Roma

Salih Ucan, the Empoli midfielder, has made several statements about his experience in Rome. These are the words reported on the FutbolArena Twitter page:

"It was not a wrong choice to go to Rome. Sabatini really wanted me and I could play in the league, the Italian Cup and the Champions League. After the first year, I thought I would go back to Turkey, but I didn't play much. on loan because I have thrown out one year, but Sabatini does not want to let me go to another championship: Fenerbahce is willing to accept me, but Rome is against it. Paredes arrived, we played the same role: he played and developed, so I returned to Turkey. I have been with great players in those two years and I have learned many things: at the football level, however, as if I have lost two years, Under? I often talk to him, he's fine. He has to make more goals and assists than he can. I know that Roma are always g and that now is the only thing he wants ".

Rafinha Ready to Leave in January: Price Set at 30 Million

An opportunity that may not be able to happen again. In January on the redundancy market there will also be Rafinha, too much to Barcelona, an extra weapon for anyone else. The son of Mazinho, does not find space between the champions Blaugrana and is ready to say goodbye to Catalonia. As reported by the World Deportivo, the trequartista does not fall within the plans of Valverde and already in January he can leave. The set price is 30 million. Rome thinks about it, but there is a lot of competition


Strootman, the Giallorossi heart: "I do not forget you"

The Dutch midfielder, now in Marseille, was overwhelmed by an incredible affection for his return to the capital
TIFOSIROMA - It's been a little less than three months, it was August 28th, when Kevin Strootman, between tears and polemics, greeted Rome to go to Marseille. A transfer arrived so quickly that only now the midfielder could completely close his relationship with Rome and Italy. Two days ago, Brother Wesley, who is also his first collaborator, closed the Casal Palocco villa, returned the keys and developed the last details of the move. "For the last time in Rome," he wrote on Instagram while he was flying from the Netherlands. Kevin is in the national team, his partner Thara is divided between Marseille and the Netherlands but, a couple of weeks ago, she was also in Rome to close all the medical and pediatric issues related to the child.
Together with Marseille and Rudi Garcia he was at the Cavalieri Hilton in retirement before the Europa League match against Lazio. And, practically, it was more in the lobby than in the room, writes Chiara Zucchelli at La Gazzetta dello Sport. Historical friends, owners of restaurants where he used to go, fans of the curve, girls who have skipped school for him: many have taken advantage of his presence in Rome to visit him and get signed sweaters, scarves and flags. Strootman said yes to everyone, posed for dozens of photos, avoided any polemical response to those who asked him. Excited, he limited himself to thanking for the affection received. "I do not forget you", he simply said the pure-hearted median.

Olsen Won Best Goalkeeper Award

TifosiRoma - For the third year in a row, the Roma goalkeeper won the award as the best goalkeeper in his country by beating Karl-Johan Johnsson of Guingamp and Kristoffer Nordfeldt of Swansea. Motivation that leads to victory: "Intelligence and calm lead him to success with clubs and national teams". The number one Giallorossi also issued several statements: "At the beginning of the year I was injured and I had to work hard for the World Cup. It was a dream. Italy? It's okay but it can be even better". The Golden Ball, on the other hand, was given to Lindelof.

The goalkeeper left a message on his Instagram profile: "I am honored to have received this year's goalkeeper award, thanks to everyone who believes in me and made this possible!".

Pastore Says Some Word to Fans

Javier Pastore has an issued a passionate message to Roma fans on social media, as he looks to overcome a difficult recent spell with injuries.

The attacking midfielder, a summer signing from Paris Saint-Germain, has shone in patches during his time on the pitch so far for the Giallorossi - with near-identical backheel goals against Atalanta and Frosinone standing out - but has been sidelined with a series of problems in recent weeks.

On Monday, Pastore took to Instagram to speak directly to supporters.

“My friends, so far my journey with Roma has unfortunately been delayed by a series of injuries that have kept me off the pitch,” Pastore wrote.

“From the very beginning I have wanted to give everything for this club, but right now I am trying to return to action as soon as I can to help take the club to where it deserves to be.

"Your support for me, during this period, is hugely important and I could not do without it as I try to overcome these obstacles. I cannot wait to get back out on the pitch and do what I love to do most – play football.

“We will see each other very soon, forza Roma!”



Lazzari Catch Interest of Roma

Manuel Lazzari, right side of SPAL. Number 29, who scored two assists for Petagna and Antenucci in the match against Cagliari, is being examined by Roma and Napoli. As found by Nicolò Schira of Gazzetta, a 1993-born player, who had called the National team at the start of the season, in times of heat would make a big leap in his career.

Roma Eye on Salvio

Photo:ForzaRoma - Roma paid attention to Salvio. Benfica Winger who is currently continuing to deal with extending his contract with his club. Ended in June 2019, Argentine players have not found an agreement to stay in Lisbon. According to O Jogo, the high demands of players that born in '90 made negotiations difficult. For this reason they are ready to enter negotiation on several Italian clubs, including Roma, who have been interested in players in the past. Other teams that want Salvio services are Napoli, Inter and Lazio

Monchi Still Interested in Malcolm?


Monchi Still Interested in Malcolm? Corriere dello Sport wrote: "Monchi is evaluating the situation, but it is very difficult that an agreement can be realized. The only formula that can get Malcolm is a loan, with Blaugrana willing to pay 40% of the salary (5 million per year)"
As this news released, last summer transfer the player already agreed to join Roma, but in last minute of transfer window he chose Barcelona instead of Roma. Malcolm hardly play with Barcelona because he cannot compete with Filippe Coutinho. For that reason he upset and want to move to other club.