Olsen: "I can not explain what happened. Nobody spoke in the locker room "

For the eighth consecutive match, Roma could not keep the door inviolate. Olsen did it all, but in the end he had to surrender to Sau, who drew the match at the end. The Swedish goalkeeper spoke at the end of the match.


What happened?
In all honesty I do not know, we were leading two goals and we should have closed the game. I do not know what happened.

I understand it's complicated to talk for her that was the best in the field. But let's start from the changes: Di Francesco said 'it's the players I have'. Evidently they are not up to keep the result against Cagliari.
The changes have nothing to do with, if you have two goals regardless of who enters or who you have available, you have to win because we are a team and we have to play as a team.

What did Di Francesco say in the locker room?
I do not know, I was in the infirmary so I do not know.

Are you OK?
I only took a shot, but I'm fine.

Source : ForzaRoma

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