A Last Honor For Gigi Proietti

TIFOSIROMA - The memory of Gigi Proietti is always alive. After paying homage to the actor who died last November 2 with a minute of silence before the start of the match against Cluj, won by Roma 5-0, the Giallorossi, on the occasion of the match against Genoa, scheduled for Sunday at 15, will take the field with a patch dedicated to the Maestro. The words "Grazie MandrĂ " will appear on the white shirts, alongside the face of Proietti himself.


Proietti suffered a heart attack when he was treated for about 15 days for his heart disease.November 1st, Proietti was taken to the intensive care unit for the disease. However, he died the next day on his 80th birthday.

A last tour before the funeral. As soon as the mass begins, the city will look out of the windows, on the balconies, for a long minute of applause. The idea was launched on Monday by Raffaele Belviso, a member of the group "Tutti per Roma Roma per tutti" and immediately took root. "We will give him a long applause when the curtain is now closed - says Belviso, who the Maestro had met him in 1979 in Bari, following the Petruzzelli fire, when the city had run out of theaters and for this reason Proietti had accepted the artistic direction of the Kursaal Santa Lucia - we will thank him because we are lucky enough to be able to continue to feed on his extraordinary art ". 

Proietti was considered "the last bastion of Rome" by the Giallorossi fans. On Monday evening they posted three banners in many places in Rome, starting with Belvedere Piccolomini. The Lazio fans also wanted to remember him with another message posted outside the headquarters in via Amulio: "Ar cavaliere nero ... Ciao Gigi".

Proietti was a great Roma fan. So "ciao MandrĂ , salutace er marquis", write the Wolves with reference to the character of the inveterate gambler interpreted in Fever from horse and the reference to Alberto Sordi. "This time you played the joke on Mastro Titta too - observes AS Roma from Above - Goodbye our Rugantino".

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