El Shaarawy is Back


Corriere dello Sport - El Shaarawy is back. After weeks of negotiations, the operation was underway and a year and a half later, the pharaoh was able to rejoin Roma. 

These were his words in the first interview with the club channel: “I am very excited as in 2016, I am very happy to be back. The wait has been quite long, but I am very happy that everything is going well. For this, I clearly have to thank the President, director Tiago Pinto, and coach.

"The director and coach immediately showed me great interest and great desire to get me on the team. This was very important to me and now I'm really excited, motivated and excited to be able to rewrite another chapter with this shirt. to Trigoria? As if I never left, it was the affection that the fans felt for me never diminishing: I also saw it in previous transfer sessions and it made me very proud. It's clear that now all this affection and this trust must be paid for. the pitch is back, but I'm very happy to be back at this club ”.

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