After Match Interview : Roma vs Atalanta

Mancini What did Mourinho say to you?

"Today I did not get a yellow card (laughs, red), he told me that he is no longer on the bench because without him we always win (laughs, ed)". 

Great game on defense. 

“Yes, we all do something more than any other time, Atalanta is just doing something dangerous. For us, these are the three fundamental points to hold on to European trains”. 

You have found some goals. 

"I'm sorry for the header, I could have done better". 

What did you improve?

"We know how difficult it is to play against Atalanta, I think after Hellas Verona we spoke to each other and we were united, this should be the attitude. If we put these placements on the pitch, there is a much better chance of winning the game”. 

The best game of the season for the attention shown? 

"We made some in this aspect related to attention, it's important to play like this. We created chance and scored, if you make this performance against Atalanta it gives you a lot of confidence. We have Thursday that we have the Conference League and then Udinese. With the first leg we beat Atalanta but then we drew with Sampdoria, we need continuity". 

You look bolder, especially in the back.

"At 3 or 4 there is a slight difference, playing 3 you have to be aggressive. Me, Kumbulla and Ibanez are aggressive, so Smalling is important because he goes deep and gives us confidence. If the pressure starts from them up front, it's easy for defenders to cut short and we can be more aggressive. I want to commend the whole team, if we play like this, it's from everyone"

Champions League?

"There are more games and today was almost a decisive game, we are there and we have to make as few mistakes as possible". 


"The player Tammy is important to us, he plays ruthlessly as a real centre-forward, he scares the defenders. When we are in trouble, we find and raise a team. He's fast, he's technical, if he continues like this he's an important player, then those who came in gave everything to win."

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